Change Management Plan Template Excel

Are you in need of a tool to manage and monitor the change? If yes then you are in luck as we are discussing the change management templates in this piece of writing.

Download change management plan template with change impact analysis, configure project change in different stage of project life-cycle, agile project change impact analysis, Roadmap, Log and complete strategically change impact template.

Change can occur after approval of project scope document

Change is something which is important and need of every aspect of life. But the change is helpful in improved performance and results. The project growth could also be enhanced by the change and its management. You can change any project report through this template, for investors and stakeholders.

  1. Strategy of change management planning in different project plan stages
  2. Charts, template, project portfolio documentation helps you
  3. Change management spreadsheet excel
  4. Download XLSX, PDF and WORD format
  5. Request PMPDOCUMENT.COM for example template

A Change Management Plan Template in Excel is a valuable tool that helps organizations effectively navigate and implement changes within their operations. This template provides a structured framework for managing change and ensures that all necessary steps and considerations are taken into account. By using an Excel format, the template allows for easy customization and tracking of various change management activities.

The Change Management Plan Template typically includes sections such as an overview of the change, identification of key stakeholders, a communication plan, risk assessment, training requirements, and a timeline for implementation. Each section is carefully designed to address different aspects of change management and guide the organization through the process.

In simple word change is often the need of time and necessary for success and improvements. The process of change management gives a structure to handle and also keep track of the effects of the change on project. Moreover, all this finally results in supportive shift in the process along with fruitful and positive outcomes.

Change Management Plan Template Excel

What is Change Management Plan Template?

Thus, the change management is a professional way of dealing and monitoring the transition and transformation in project processes. And in addition to that by using this road-map you can also make and implement strategies for improvement of the project.

Another important feature of change management tool is that it benefits in adapting the change efficiently. For effective and improved results change management should be taken into serious consideration. The change also should be monitored to make sure it works for the project to get project batter.

In this article, we will be discussing the process and importance of change management tools and templates in detail. We will also see how this process works with the help of some examples.

What is Change Management in Project Plan?

The chain management in project planning plays a vital role when strategies are selected to deal with the errors. The process of change management shows the map of handling and implementing the change.

The Change Management Plan Template Excel must be selected, reviewed and authorized in the beginning when finalizing the whole project planning process. When finalizing the change plan project objectives and scope must be taken in consideration as these vary project to project.

Types of Change Management Templates

The change management and planning help in highlighting the activities which are used to control the different stages of project change. In every project type the project change must be handled properly to aid the change to be executed properly.

Some organizations manage to have change management ready before time but some pick the change plan on spot according to requirement. The change helps in empowering your team to make a professional and profound platform for them to meet the challenges and adapt the change.

Now let’s have a look at some of the application and examples of change management tools:

Change Impact Assessment Template Excel

The change management in project in project planning and management helps in many ways like it saves you time and cost and also reduces the probability of error. Furthermore, some people get confused with change management and project management.

These both are different, interlinked and equally significant for the success of project. The change management and planning are helpful in people getting the change accepted and implement it professionally.

Change Impact Assessment Template Excel

Change Management Roadmap

The change management aids in success and provides a way to adapt the change quickly. If the change is not accepted a could implemented properly the organization might face serious circumstances.

To avoid the hustle, you must ensure that the change is properly dealt with. Change management also ensures the future growth of the project by keeping things under control.

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Following are some points showing the change management roadmap of the change management process:

  1. First of all, the change must enlist and describe properly
  2. The background relates to change must also be noted properly
  3. The section which needs improvements and implementation of change
  4. Document which intensity and which type of change is require
  5. Then document the steps and resources needed for change
  6. The expected outcome must be outline to ensure best final outcome results
  7. All the possible category of outcomes review whether its developmental, traditional and transformation

Change Log Project Management

When we deal with the change we must keep everything in order properly documented and stored. The change project management templates help things documented properly to use it as a reference in future for upcoming projects.

Moreover, having all the data stored in one place makes things easy and more organizes.

During project status report, change impact document is helping.

The log templates mainly designed to track the important information easily and straightforwardly without wasting any time looking for information. Consequently, change log tools are of great importance and benefit you in managing and recording the change effectively.


Create Custom Change Management Plan

Header Section Template

Enter Change Management heading points in header section

  1. Project Name:
  2. Project Owner
  3. Change Communication Approvers

After setting heading now comes to main body of template (Phase, Communication/Event, Estimated Date, Status, Targeted Stakeholders, Reason For Communication, Method of Communication, Key Messaging, Communication Copy)

Phase: Assessment and Planning

change Announcement VS Stakeholder survey Invitation

Implement Change

Training Deck Vs Updated Support Documentation Vs Training Program Invitation

Monitor Ongoing Change and Metrics


Agile Change Management Plan Template

When changing in agile methodology or plan using template, this tool is very effective with sprint handling and team management.


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