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In this article, you can download business case template in excel also printable format of PDF and DOC format. Business case analysis, reporting, charter template in PPT and DOC format with automated sheet of excel is also available

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A project business case template is a valuable tool used in project management to assess the feasibility and potential value of a proposed project. It serves as a comprehensive document that outlines the justification, objectives, benefits, risks, and costs associated with the project. The template typically includes various sections that provide a clear and structured framework for evaluating the project’s viability and aligning it with the organization’s strategic goals.

The first section of the business case template is the executive summary, which offers a concise overview of the project. It highlights the project’s purpose, expected outcomes, and key financial figures, providing a quick snapshot for stakeholders and decision-makers. Following this, the template delves into the project’s background, detailing the context, problem statement, and the need for undertaking the initiative. This section also includes an analysis of the current situation, identifying any gaps or opportunities that the project aims to address.

what is a business case? Template Features

A business case describes an opportunity or problem, determines the impact of the project that resolves a problem or exploits a chance, and explains the expenses and benefits of the planned project.

A business case is needed when a resource or any investment made in a project is to be justified.

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How business case help in project management?

Using business case in project management help project managers to create business planning from A to Z. We have printable sheets of PPT Project Business Case Template, PDF documents and DOC format document for easy business planning and activity. By using a well-planned business case, investors and stakeholders can measure if an organization should invest its resource in a project.

Project Business Case Template

It also gives a framework for displaying outcomes and recommendations. Moreover, it acts as means to measure if the project, strategy, and the objectives of the organization are logical and streamlined.

Types of Project Business Case Template

Some of the types of business case template are discussed below:

  • Project Business Case

The project business case template helps to quantify the merits and demerits of a project. It involves a weighing scheme to establish a score for all the proposed options and enable you to score risks.

  • Construction Business Case Template

This type of template includes various portions to add information and analysis. It displays a list of documents required to be prepared for construction and includes comprehensive information on the interests of the stakeholders. The implementation details and project delivery can form the base of your project plan.

  • Legal Case Management Template

With the help of this template, you can track all the cases including existing and upcoming from this same interface. This can be done by allotting an ID to all the cases and monitor their corresponding start dates. You can also attach description to each case to assist your team members and also keep the record of clients along with their case.

It also tracks all the current accounts of the firm along with the relevant details of all the members of the team. It can also make sure that equal amount of work is distributed among all the crew.

Project Charter Business Case Example

Just like project charter template, business charter template example template is showing in images below. Just wording changes, overall theme of template is just according to set pattern of project charter.

Business Case Document Template

Provide also business case document in PDF & DOC format. With bundle you can manage entire business documents and link software like project portfolio document.

Business Case Examples

Basic Elements of A Business Case Template

The main intention of a Project Business Case Template is to deliver clear information to the stakeholders, sponsors and invertors regarding the results and advantages of your project. Review project expense tracking template with this template. Mentioned below are the main elements of a business case:

  • Executive summary: Specifically in formal and government business situations, this executive summary may be the sole part of the document that the investors, stakeholders and the media will read. It must deliver comprehensive details about a project like why it will be done, when and by whom, the expenses and who will be benefitted and how all this info in one page or less, shouldn’t take more than five minutes to read.
  • Purpose:  The reason of the project tells the background of the opportunity and the problem that led to the project. It elaborates the way change envisioned will make the situation better.
  • Alternatives: Finding and defining possible alternative approaches to the recommended project will provide a more realistic context to it. Putting forward alternatives to the stakeholders will show that you have given healthy consideration to your project and weren’t chosen abruptly.
  • Strategic alignment: Elaborating how your plan advances and fit the overall strategic orientation of the organization is critical. Highlighting project objectives and goals in this context and empower your case.
  • Organizational impact: Mention how the proposed project will impact the organization. Consider any related departments, processes, equipment, or roles. Stakeholder evaluation can contribute to this picture.
  • Assumptions and constraints: Have a clear vision about any expected resource or limitations. For instance, if one certain agency is financing, note that. If prosperity depends on implementing a new platform, note that. This list of such assumptions may extend and alter as the project goes on. Interdependencies of tasks should also be considered.
  • Benefits: Gather the expected outcomes to show what the entire organization achieved and improves your project that includes more customers served or a roof patch before a storm season and more.
  • Schedule and expense: Highlight the plan with a concise timeline for the progression and the development of the project including main milestones. For projects related to technology gives a general view of the migration plan if needed. Add a cost benefit analysis on the timeline along with budget.
  • Risks and opportunities: Risks tells what could result by delaying and preventing the completion of the project or by increasing the cost of the project. Based on the scope of your project, finish your market evaluation by studying factors like economic, political, technological, social and environmental. For every single risk you come across, devise a mitigation plan.
  • Recommendations and justifications: Mention the preferred choices and concise its risk and expense as well as the justifying factors that recommend it.
  • Governance and progress tracking: Explain the responsibilities of the members of the project and who is accountable for any error. Pinpoint how progress will be determined and reported.

Project Management Business Case Example

Different businesses require different mode of template, just like project life-cycle template, business life-cycle is another term require essential stages template for example, developing stage, tracking stage, expense management ETC

IT Business Case Example

IT engineering Project Business Case Template, new start-up business template and other business using this type of template show below.

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