ISO Management Review Template

Looking for ISO Management review template in PPT template? In this article, you can download ISO Management Template for project management documentation & project plan according to GOVT standards.

NOTE: ISO Management Review Template PPT (COMMENT US FOR DOWNLOAD)

The ISO Management Review Template PowerPoint (PPT) is a valuable tool for organizations seeking to streamline their management review processes and ensure compliance with ISO standards. This template serves as a framework for conducting systematic and structured reviews of an organization’s management system, allowing for the evaluation of its effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement.

The PPT template provides a visually appealing and professionally designed format, making it easy for users to present their management review findings to stakeholders and top management. The template typically includes various slides that cover essential aspects of the management review process, such as the scope of the review, objectives, criteria, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for evaluation.

What is a management review Template PPT? ISO 9001

For a smooth-running business, there is a need for excellent management because nearly everything going on is dependent on the orders from the management team. A well-structured management team can bring out great results and lead a project in the right direction.

So, the review management template provides an accountability platform to ensure the quality standards set by ISO.  Different templates come under the category of review management as management is involved in most of the things in a project and needs a constant review to keep up with the quality. A project manager can use a review management template in the below mentioned domains;

  1. Quality Management system
  2. Task Management
  3. Employee Evaluation Management
  4. Performance Management

A project manager can put forward the need of using this template for quality assurance or tracking purposes.

ISO Management Review Template

Purpose of Management Review

To attain a hurdle-free growth of a project it is important to have constant checks and balances regarding the happenings of the project. The management review system gives insight into everything going on in a project on a daily or weekly basis as set by the project manager.

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One of the main advantages of using the ISO Management Review Template PPT is that it promotes consistency and standardization in the review process. It ensures that all relevant areas are thoroughly assessed, including the organization’s quality objectives, regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction, resource allocation, and continual improvement efforts. By following the template, organizations can ensure that their management reviews are comprehensive and address all necessary elements.

In a work environment, when the employee knows his/ her performance is under observance, they are likely to perform better and stay motivated. Hence it is a great measure to enhance productivity. Moreover, the review management template highlights the risks or errors that had happened or are about to happen.

Using this information these risks can be resolved which can help in managing the expenses. All in all, it keeps the team connected to their prescribed goals and brings out the best possible results as per the standards of ISO.

What is the best way to document Management Review Process ACCORDING TO ISO 9001?

The main idea behind conducting a management review is to improve the quality and effectiveness of the processes in a project. Be it a small business or a big fast running business project both require some quality management system.

The procedure of incorporating is not that difficult, it merely is planning, executing, reporting, and obtaining the results as per the ISO standards. There are different sets of templates in management review which can help the project to grow and work in a better manner. Some of the sample templates are mentioned below.

  1. The responsibilities of the Management review and at what level of management they are assigned such as facility manager, senior manager, etc.
  2. Schedule of the Management Review
  3. Agenda(Inputs) of Management Review
  4. Minutes or actions (Outputs) of the Management Review

ISO Management Review Template PPT (QMS STANDARDS)

The Management Review meetings must involve a review of the customer feedback, findings and results of audit, external as well as internal issues, processes performance, preventive actions, quality objectives, any recommendations for betterment of the organization.

The management review meetings should also address the need for any changes in the policy, targets and objectives of the QMS. All the necessary information must be gathered before the meeting in the form of a PowerPoint presentation having the following information:


This includes:

  1. The objectives, targets and policies
  2. The minutes of the previous reviews
  3. Results of the process audits and QMS
  4. Assessment of actions taken for risk management
  5. The extent to which the objectives and targets were accomplish


This includes:

  1. New as well as proposed legislations
  2. Performance of external suppliers
  3. Customer feedback and requirements including the changing requirements or expectations
  4. New or innovative products, activities, or services
  5. Changing expectations or preferences of the buyers
  6. Advances in science and technology

Agenda or Input of Management Review

The following inputs should be the main focus of any effective ISO Management Review Template PPT:

  1. Opportunities as well as risks (Clause 6.1)
  2. Changes that can possibly affect the system (Clause 6.3)
  3. Performance of external providers and suppliers (Clause 8.4)
  4.  Customer satisfaction as well as perception (Clause 9.1.2)
  5. Results of audit (Clause 9.2)
  6. Non-conformance and any corrective actions that can be taken (Clause 10.2)

Examples of Management Review Template:

Project Management Review template:

Using this template will increase the chances of the project’s success. The main contents of this template are an introduction, management responsibility, schedule, objectives, methodology, effectiveness measuring criteria, financial management, performance accountability, possible risks, and their solutions.

Performance Management Review:

This template has a different pattern and caters to the details from talent acquisition to performance management. There are numerous small steps in between which are supposed to be recorded but are sometimes left unnoticed because there’s no specific check and balance in such procedures.

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But adding a performance management review will impact the performance of each employee working in an organization. Their performance checks will help the employees to work on their individual skills.

Quality Management Review Template:

This is one of the most essential templates use in the quality assurance and tracking of the project. First of all, a project summary is add that depicts the idea behind a project. A good project introduction or summary helps in forming a strong foundation of the quality management report as the rest of the things depend completely on the project statement.

  1. Then you need to define the purpose of the quality management review that you are holding for a project.
  2. You can highlight the subjects you are going to focus on in this quality management review.
  3. Most projects face set back if their quality standards aren’t predefined.
  4. Define the nature of quality standards and the standards against which you are going to review. Mostly these standards comply with ISO.

In conclusion, the management review template is a masterpiece that can be used in different aspects as per the advice and requirement of the project manager.

It generally improves overall project quality through regular monitoring. Quality management reviews can be carried out on a monthly or yearly basis. But it is advised to have a management review at least once a year.

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Management Review ISO for Project Managers

The effectiveness of the Management Review process assess by measuring the effectiveness of the important decisions/outputs such as the changes in the budgets, revise resources plans, changes to the objectives or quality policy etc.

Effective Management Reviews allow businesses to thrive and improve.


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