Project Status Report Template Excel

Looking for project status report template? Here you can download project progress tracker in excel template.

The status of the project is very important for keeping an eye in project progress. Accordingly, you must have a proper tool available for this task. Through EZOWO or Template124 “Status Reporting Dashboards” you can manage multiple projects easily.

You can also call weekly project update template, or weekly tracking template.  After creating project plan outline template, you must need that template. 

In this template you can also get detail of “Project Milestone Status Review” After adding project information with date and time you can fill in this template. Must add (Project Sponsor, Project Author, Date to Report & Project Manager). In 2nd section name “Executive Summary” add project related information like (Essential Changes, Issues, Budget Changes ETC). Below you can explain (Baseline Expected Date, Expected Completion Date & issues Exist Y/N) under project status milestone review section.

  1. Learn how to create project status report?
  2. Project summary (Executive project management)
  3. Download HR template with this bundle (project management)
  4. MS XLS File (1MB)
  5. Track and generate report of every project weekly basis
  6. Project progress report template (DOWNLOAD)

Through this Project Status Report Template Excel you can manage any changes in project proposal during on-going project. Arrange section according to your requirements of project. For example if any changes require in construction project after completion, then you can use weekly status report template and submit report to investors and stakeholders.

Project Status Report Template Excel

Key Features of Project Status Report Template

Thus, choose the best suite tool for the project and avoid any serious errors that could be very problematic if left unattend. This is the most convenient and professional method of keeping track of the project progress on regular intervals.

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In this article we will be discussing a bit about the status report and its importance in imaging the project. We also will be looking at some of its examples.

How to conduct weekly status reporting through excel template?

Very easy, you just need to download this template (STATUS REPORT) and submit project detail in it. You can easily change this template according to own requirements. We create also “P EXCEL TEMPLATE” through this you can after adding project reporting and generate PDF copy through “ONE CLICK”

As by involving all members can result in batter ideas and a way to exchange and discuss information. This will ultimately supportive in making decisions and adjustments for the betterment of project progress. If used properly weekly status reporting can prove to be very accommodating and helpful.

Following are some of steps showing how do make a status report:

  1. First, the need and purpose of the report must be clear and properly document
  2. The make sure the role and responsibilities of the project members are clearly mention and documented
  3. After that make sure you include project name, manager name, project start and finish date and finally report date in the project
  4. Need to make the highlight for the deadlines
  5. Include the compressive details of the project significant information
  6. Most importantly take budget report into serious consideration as it is very important
  7. Then the action items and deliverables must be keenly observed and document to review after some interval
  8. Finally, the project associated risks and issue must also be taken into consideration along with the mitigation plan to avoid any downfall
  9. Report to stakeholder using stakeholder management plan template

Construction Weekly Status Report Template

When comes to project industry the Construction projects could be challenging and tricky to manage. As in construction projects mostly the investments are big and lots of resources are used. Therefore, in this case the progress of the project must be review and document on regular basis.

These kinds of project can be very tricky, and a small mistake can then lead to a big problem. Subsequently, to keep yourself on safe side and avoid any unwanted issues make sure you make status report of the project if not daily then at least on weekly.

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A Construction Project Status Report Template Excel allows you to have bigger picture of the project. This also aids in keeping proper log of information and will save your time of going back and forth and searching the information. Consequently, it saves you your time and money on the same time.

Weekly Project Update Template PPT

Benefits of using Weekly Multiple project status report template

Following is some of the benefits which is offer by Weekly Multiple project status report template if use properly and update frequently.

  1. Efficient Communication: Using a weekly project status report template in Excel ensures clear and consistent communication among project stakeholders. It provides a structured format to document project progress, key milestones, and any issues or risks encountered. This helps in keeping all team members and stakeholders informed about the project’s status.
  2. Tracking Progress: The template allows you to track the progress of various tasks and activities within the project. By updating the status of each task, you can easily visualize the overall progress and identify any bottlenecks or delays. This helps in making timely adjustments and ensuring that the project stays on track.
  3. Centralized Information: The Excel template serves as a centralized repository for all project-related information. You can store data such as project goals, objectives, timelines, resource allocation, and accomplishments in one place. This makes it easier to access and share information with team members, managers, and other stakeholders.
  4. Accountability and Transparency: The template promotes accountability among team members by clearly defining their responsibilities and expected deliverables. It provides a platform to document individual progress and achievements, which can be easily reviewed by project managers and stakeholders. This fosters transparency within the team and encourages a sense of ownership and responsibility.
  5. Decision-making Support: Having a well-organized project status report helps in making informed decisions. By reviewing the report, project managers and stakeholders can identify potential risks, analyze trends, and evaluate project performance. This enables them to take proactive measures, allocate resources effectively, and address any issues before they escalate.
  6. Documentation and Audit Trail: The template facilitates documentation of the project’s history and evolution over time. It captures the project’s major milestones, changes, and decisions made along the way. This serves as a valuable reference for future projects, audits, or reviews, providing a comprehensive record of the project’s lifecycle.
  7. Time and Effort Savings: Utilizing an Excel template for weekly project status reporting saves time and effort compared to manual reporting methods. The predefined structure and formatting of the template reduce the need for repetitive formatting and data entry tasks. This allows project team members to focus more on project execution rather than spending excessive time on report generation.
  8. Customization and Flexibility: Excel templates are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the project status report according to your specific requirements. You can add or remove sections, modify data fields, or incorporate formulas and charts to present information in a visually appealing manner. This flexibility enables you to adapt the template to suit your project’s unique needs.

In summary, using a weekly project status report template in Excel offers numerous benefits, including improved communication, progress tracking, centralized information management, accountability, decision-making support, documentation, time savings, and customization options.

Easily generate no of projects status report like construction weekly report template. We have also special daily to weekly tracking template for construction business. You can easily update project changes, rates ETC. 


As we have seen that the Project Status Report Template Excel is very valuable and extremely supportive to run and compete the project successfully.

Thus, make sure you have one of these projects available when handling a project. As this could prove to be a great help and results could be surprisingly good. For more information

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