In this article, we discuss how you can track and finalize your project through “BEST TOOL”. What is the most demanding and rated MS excel Template for project management? Is this tool/template handy to use and manage multiple project up to 50? Let’s talk about in detail. For completion project roadmap template excel you must need multiple project tracking template excel format.

What is multiple project tracking template?

As the name indicates project tracking is a technique to manage projects by keeping track of the progress of all the tasks involved in it. Tracking your project will allow you to draw a contrast of actual progress against the planned progress.

A Multiple Project Tracking Template in Excel is a valuable tool for effectively managing and monitoring multiple projects simultaneously. This template provides a structured framework to track various aspects of each project, including tasks, deadlines, resources, and progress. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, the template allows project managers to have a comprehensive overview of all ongoing projects in a single document.

The Multiple Project Tracking Template offers several key benefits. Firstly, it enables project managers to prioritize tasks and allocate resources efficiently. By visualizing all projects in one place, managers can easily identify overlaps, potential conflicts, and resource gaps. This ensures that resources are utilized optimally and that project timelines are adhered to.

For Stakeholders & Project Managers

It can also help in the recognition of issues that might cause hindrance in the execution of tasks according to schedule. Another vital attribute of tracking a project is that it allows stakeholders and project managers to understand the extent of progress, the resources utilized in the completion of tasks and enable them to establish an earned value evaluation by tracking milestones and measuring project variance.

Key Features of Tracking Template

Project management tools and techniques are used in project tracking that make it successful like

  1. Gantt chart provides an overview of all tasks
  2. Complete status report management
  3. milestones, and workload to the project managers at any stage of the project
  4. Project Task Management (Daily to Weekly)
  5. Project Timeline with milestone template
  6. Generate reports in PPT and Excel Format (PDF ALSO)
  7. Easy create WBS Template Excel

Other sorts of reports including status or risk reports can deliver additional details about the performance, deliverables, risks, and future predictions about the project. Having a track of all the events of a project, it becomes very easy to communicate to the stakeholders about the progression of the project and update planning in case of any change. Easily calculate earned value management through template.

Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Uses Of Project Tracking Template Excel

Whatever the size or nature of a project, a project tracking template is needed for the efficient execution of the project without any disturbance. Uses and benefits of project tracking template are:

  1. Align the company objectives along with the internal projects.
  2. Break the project into manageable fractions and estimate their time duration and set priorities.
  3. It helps in improving the visibility of the tasks in a project.
  4. Arrange required resources.
  5. Allot responsibilities to the team members and enhance collaboration among the team and stakeholders.
  6. Observe and track all the tasks and projects from beginning to end that increase delivery of products.
  7. It makes sure that nothing lags behind.

Tools in Project Management

Normally projects have definite initiation and ending dates having certain goals and objectives that lead to resultant products and outcomes. There are many factors in a project that had to be decided like resources, expenses, time, labor, or more. So, to settle all these various tools are used that helps in proper planning and monitoring of the projects. These are some tools that can be included:

  • Gantt Charts
  • Dashboards
  • Timesheets
  • Reporting
  • Cross-functional management of resources
  • Flexible work views

All these project management tools allow you to manage individual and multiple projects.

Key Features of Project Tracking Template Excel

You can also download project life-cycle template. For best results you have to make sure that your project tracking template must have the features mentioned below:


The project tracking template should be applicable to projects of all sizes and types whether it’s a simple project that only requires a to-do list or you are handling multiple projects with a big team. It should cover all the aspects of the project and ensure proper planning.


The template should provide current information about the progress as tracking a project needs authentic data in real-time. Responding to outdated information has no point it’s almost useless but in case you are informed by live data, then you can handle the issue right on time and resolve them before any problem is created.


It allows you to observe progress as it happens. A dashboard gathers data related to the project automatically, evaluates it, and then portrays this data in the form of graphs and charts. It serves as an instant status report and these metrics provide you a snapshot of the progress of the project at specific times.

Detailed Reports Tracking

It should gather comprehensive data on the progress of the project. At times when a deeper dive into the project data is required, a reporting feature is required that can create detailed reports about the progress and project variance. It would be even better if it allows you to filter and share reports easily.

Gantt Charts Tracker

It allows you to track resources and tasks as Gantt charts are visual tools for planning and scheduling tasks and sub-tasks on a timeline and much more. You can keep track of the progress after assigning the specified tasks to the team. The data you enter regarding the resources, costs, and deadlines functions as the ground to draw a comparison against the actual progress.


It is very important to stay updated about the deadlines along with progress. A project tracking tool can update you with automated alerts that are necessary for staying on right track. It is great if the updates, deadlines, or even comments are notified to keep all members aware of the scenario.

Time Tracking & Management

As you are aware of the working hours of your team, so having a timeline feature will help you more than just sorting out the payroll process. It shows that how much time is being spent by then on tasks and you can also create reports using that data.

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Functions of Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Key features of this template is listed below. You can also overview this template function through VIDEO tutorial, REQUEST PMPDOCUMENTS.COM


A number of projects are handled by project management organizations at one time. So, the executives and the project managers need the details for efficient management of the multiple projects. In this respect, the project portfolio dashboard template is quite helpful to control and monitor the progress of the projects. It is the responsibility of the project manager to select the information to be displayed on the dashboard that helps in tracking.


For the efficient management of the projects, it is very important to track the active status of the tasks that are related to the project deliverables. This project tracking template is used to keep a record of priorities and task status, task owner and description, deadlines, task cost, and percentage complete.


This template shows a visible structure and summary of the project. It has a built-in Gantt chart and the instant at which you add updated details, the changes are reflected in the chart automatically.


The main objective of all the projects including projects related to construction is to create a useable deliverable in given time and expense. Such versatile tracking templates play a vital role in monitoring and controlling the variables and resources related to construction.


These budget template for project plan are customizable and can be used to track expenses and income during the entire project. It shows the list of the entire amount and its sources along with the details of expenses used for facilities, payrolls, and other operations.

Project Management Budget Template Excel


For a large project, the milestone is a way to split them into smaller manageable fractions. Milestones are helpful in setting deadlines, necessary dates, and the termination phase of one project, and the initiation phase of the next one. They are the main touchpoints and very important when it comes to time tracking.


Tracking the budget is very necessary to avoid unexpected shortfalls that become trouble for you. This template displays actual and planned budget and records expenses with respect to the task, materials unit costs, hourly labor rates, and fixed rates.


Risks highlight the potential events and issues that might have the ability to decrease the success and profit of the project. Prior to the initiation of the project, it’s the duty of the project manager to identify possible risks and add them to the risk register.

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Project Risk Management Plan Template


For a small team or to resolve an issue as a task of a big project, the use of a task list or a to-do list is the right choice for tracking your project. It has space to mention the name of the item, priority, and status, the responsible crew, deliverables, and the due dates.


The daily task management template serves as a seamless course to create a list of all the tasks on your to-do list and trace all your tasks efficiently. Arrange your tasks based on the priority base, observe the status of each task, and fix due dates.

You can use this template to house other related information and resources that can assist you in handling your tasks as they originate. Adjust automated alerts that would alarm you about upcoming due dates so you keep managing your work efficiently and keep files and contents related to your tasks so you can conclude things faster.

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