Looking for Work Breakdown structure (WBS) template excel? According to the PMBOK- Project Management Body of Knowledge that a work breakdown structure is ‘‘A hierarchical breakdown of the complete scope of work to be performed by the team to achieve the objectives of the project and produce the desired products”. Just like project roadmap template you can download this template through TEMPLATE124.

Most important document for project planning

In simple words, work breakdown structure is the incremental or hierarchical breakdown of the project. It includes a task list for every stage of the project which is cleaved further into subtasks.

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) template in Excel is an invaluable tool for creating a comprehensive project plan. The WBS is a hierarchical representation of the project’s deliverables, activities, and tasks, providing a structured framework to organize and manage the project effectively.

The Excel template for a WBS simplifies the process of creating and visualizing the project’s breakdown structure. It typically consists of multiple columns, each representing a level in the hierarchy. The first column usually contains the main deliverables or project phases, while subsequent columns capture the associated activities and tasks at lower levels. This hierarchical structure allows for a clear understanding of the project’s scope and facilitates better resource allocation, scheduling, and progress tracking.

Key Features of Work Breakdown Structure Template

List down some key features of WBS TEMPLATE

  1. Use for multiple projects with task management
  2. Download Different WBS in different flow charts of project management
  3. Each task define with unique no of value assign
  4. Also project budget management with WBS structure

After that, all the tasks and subtasks are organized in a structure of trees just like a flow chart. Generally, you begin from the end of the project and then work in the backward direction, splitting each task into the little ones by size, resources, and duration. After all these steps, you will reach the point from which you began on schedule and within the expense limit.



A lot of pre-built work breakdown structure templates are available that save your time and energy. The WBS template serves as the draft for the development and monitoring of a project and gives the ground from where a work statement can be generated.

Adding Project Timeline template, you can schedule your project easily.

USES OF WBS Template Excel

It also aids in the reporting of the schedule, the expenses along the resources. All the documents related to the project management can be acquired through the work breakdown structure which acts as the bridge that leads to your project schedule.

Types of WBS Template Excel

Mentioned below are a few types of WBS:


In performance, it is much similar to the work breakdown structure (WBS). It is also arranged in a hierarchical breakdown in a descending way and with enhanced details. The entire project is divided into small manageable fractions which will help in easy handling of the project. Various risk breakdown structures can be described in a Risky Project for each distinct task, resource, or the entire project.


Related Template: Risk Management Plan Template

The measures to determine each risk at any instant include its probability of occurrence, time of occurrence, and its results like cost overruns increased duration, or task cancellation.

It is possible for you to customize your risk breakdown structure and define risk categories in the risk register of the Risky Projects.

The customizable categories may include risks and issues, opened and closed risks, lessons learned, risk managers, risk owners, visible and hidden risks, and other risk properties. For every task or resource of Risky Project Professional and Risky Project Lite, risk breakdown structure can be applied for risk assignments Local Risks tab as well as Global Risks view.

There are a number of risk templates available in Risky Projects. Risk templates are general risk breakdown structures that enable you to rapidly and easily add risks to projects and tasks. Moreover, it is quite handy to design your own template keeping in view of your concerned project risks that can be used specifically by your own project.

The fundamental risk breakdown structures accessible in Risky Projects:

  • Software Development Risk Breakdown Structure
  • Generic Risk Breakdown Structure.

By using the WBS Gantt chart, you will be able to understand your project properly by visualizing the pattern of work that will keep you updated and more work will be performed from your breakdown structures. It also allows viewing the critical path of your tasks along with their inter-dependencies and keeping your project on right track.

Moreover, with the help of the WBS Gantt chart, the job of maximization of productivity can be done very efficiently by the team members because it can trace the distribution of resources and can also highlight the possible issues in the bar chart so that they can be fixed prior to the deadlines.

WBS Gantt charts play role in the identification of WBS tasks that is the list of smaller tasks that must be done by your team to fulfill the project scope. They are helpful in the evaluation of schedule and expense on the project. The principal goals are always placed on the top of the WBS flowchart.


This template of work breakdown system is simply a tree structure where the top central box of the tree will display the name of your project while the tiers under that box will split the deliverables into discrete work fractions. You can also download change management plan template.

It basically displays a four-stage process and each of these stages is branched out into three tasks and each of those is further extended out into a number of sub-tasks. This looks like a diagram, not just an outline and you can add WBS numbering in all the boxes to further characterize the elements and project stages. This template can also let you to match your WBS dictionary to the diagram. This template is very easy to understand the relations among various tasks, stages, and objectives.


The procedure is described in four stages:


On your computer, open Microsoft Excel. SmartArt Graphics found in MS Excel is the most general way to form the stages of work breakdown structure. The usage of SmartArt is shown below.


By clicking on the Insert tab, go to the Illustrations section. Following that chose SmartArt Graphics. A dialogue box will appear that contains various categories of SmartArt and any suitable shape regarding your project can be chosen.


After that go to the Hierarchy section and select SmartArt Graphics to build your WBS in Excel. Then click OK after selecting the graphics. The SmartArt graphics will rebuild on the sheet. As shown below.


In the first top box of the WBS SmartArt Graphic, type the name of your project. An editor will be present beside the SmartArt Graphic and you can enter the desired content in the WBS Excel. After that go to the boxes below and enter the description of the sub-tasks. New boxes can be included in your work breakdown structure with the help of the editor window. You can also add a different color to the boxes.

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