Project Issue Log Template Excel

We have all in one systematic issue log tracking. In this article, you can download MS project issue log tracker for managing multiple projects. MS Excel use for overall project performance. Managing a project comes with the probability of facing issues of different kinds at any stage. Most likely you face many issues at levels and is of different kind.

  1. Manage issue management for multiple projects
  2. Track project performance through Gantt Chart & Project Timeline
  3. Heat-Map tracking management

The problems can be mismanagement, gaps, hidden bottlenecks or the performance of team. For project tracking this is very handy tool.

Moreover, the issues can be an ongoing problem or problem with team members like workers, stakeholders or even management confusable these factors could affect the progress and development of project and eventually turns into an issue.

A Project Issue Log Template in Excel is a useful tool for tracking and managing project-related problems or issues that arise during the course of a project. It provides a structured format to document and monitor issues, ensuring that they are addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

The template typically includes columns to capture essential information about each issue, such as a unique identifier, description, priority level, assigned owner, and target resolution date. These details allow project managers and team members to easily identify and prioritize issues based on their impact and urgency.

By using an Excel-based template, project teams can centralize and consolidate all issue-related information in a single document. This simplifies communication and collaboration, as team members can access and update the log simultaneously, ensuring that everyone has the most up-to-date information.

Why Project Issue Log Template? Key Features

Thus, it is important to have a proper system on hand to deal and record these issues, one of the examples is project issue log temple which could help you tremendously.  If the issues are left unnoticed and unsolved, there is a high risk of project face delays and sink badly.

Project Issue Log Template Excel

In this article, we will be discussing issue log and the related details you need to know about.

This will aid you in understanding the role of issue management in the project development. We will also look into the other necessary information like how do we create and use this template. Therefore, without any delay let’s get started!

Important of Issue Log in Project Management?

A project issue log is a way of keeping all the issues and problem together at one place. This technique is very useful and indeed helpful in maintaining balance and eradicating the problems on time without any delay. In simple words in project management this tool is much needed and can treat the issue prior to it of becoming a serious threat for your project.


What is Issue Log Management in Project Plan?

The issue log management template is also known by the name of the issue register. This gathers all the rising, ongoing and even probable issues related to ongoing project. It logs the information and highlight the most problematic ones so they can be solved prior to others.

The techniques of maintain a record of problems in the lifecycle of project is always a best move to keep your project on safe side.  By all this information you can make batter strategies and deal with the problems efficiently. This tool provides you the luxury of dealing with the project issues professionally and resolve them on time preventing the issues interfering with the project.

Purpose of Issue Log Template

This amazing tool is widely used in different kinds and categories of projects. It makes sure that the purpose is served as some industries require general logging whether some are special and specific ones.

The issue log template is available in many formats you can pick the one according to your project needs. Project manager is usually the person responsible for picking, implementing and monitoring this tool.

Why Project Issue Log for Project Managers?

Moreover, the importance of this tool cannot be denied as it plays a dynamic role in project productivity with the project advancements. It specifically takes care of issues that may be a serious hurdle in the way of achieving the project’s goals.

Issue Log Template Excel

The issue logging is a best in the category of the means of notifying the project manager about the issue. The process is also a best way for collaborating and communicating with the stakeholders.

Therefore, the project managers can get an alarm about the project issues in advance as they may pop up in a specific tasks or process related to the project. Make sure the issue log template is well taken care of and must be updated regularly as the project progresses. This practice makes the identification of the project issues quickly and captures all the arising problems on time.

How to Create a Project Issue Log Template in Excel?

We have so far come to know the importance of issue log in project management. Now let’s see how we make this tool and what are its components.

  1. First you make sure that the issues are logged properly and give them numbers carefully.
  2. Then make an account of the reasons and description of the issue.
  3. After that the probable risks and issues can be caused in future must be logged.
  4. Making a proper and precise document for important dates is also very necessary part of this process.
  5. It would be better if you highlight the issues according to their priorities. This way the issues can be handled and resolve the most crucial ones first.
  6. Project Cost management plan template solution
  7. To make this more organize and smooth you can make an issue catalog and classify the issues into different categories.
  8. Assign the issues to the different member of the project and make an account of it so you can monitor the performance afterwards.
  9. Lastly it is important to record the status of issue indicating the important dates related to the issue.

Types of Issue Log Template Excel

As we have already discussed the importance and role of the issue log template we must also know that it is utilized throughout a project to indicate any issues carried forward.

Therefore, the project issue documentation must be reviewed by the project team regularly to make sure the issue is dealt with care. This document should be updated and shred with the other project members by a proper channel of communication.

Following are some of the examples of such category of tools:

  1. Multiple Project Tracking Dashboard Template

When it comes to dealing the issues of more than one project at a time then you must go foe something like multiple project tracking template. Using this tool makes things easy to manage and keeps things under control. This is a useful tool and provides you the opportunity of logging all the important information stored at one place in a file.

A multiple project tracking template makes all the projects data easy to access, and you can also update your team about any important developments.

  1. Issue Register & Template

The issue register is a way of managing and recording the problems in such a way that it brings the project management to next level. All much needed and escalated problems can be logged and dealt with by using issue register templates.

All the formal and important information related to issues are stored in this document. Subsequently, in managing issues you must consider using this tool as it serves and provides you with the best possible management strategies as well.


  1. Change Log Project Management Template

No matter how careful you are with the management of the project you face unexpected issues along the way as change in the project process. In this situation you should make use of different available tools and templates.

Change management is another important par to of project management as it shows how to keep project on track. This tool aids you to identify the change and pinpoint if any issue pops up along the way. This also provides your ideas and strategies of how you can put issues to bed.

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