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In this article, we discuss about how a successful project manager can do for running project successfully? Which tools/templates are require for completion of project successfully.

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Road map is a strategic planning technique that places all the milestones, goals, tasks on a timeline, into a single graph or visual representation.

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A Project Management Roadmap Template in Excel is a powerful tool that assists project managers in planning, tracking, and visualizing the progress of their projects. Excel, being a widely used spreadsheet software, provides a familiar and flexible platform to create and customize project management templates according to specific project requirements.

The template typically consists of various sections and columns that help organize project-related information. It starts with a project overview, where the project’s purpose, goals, and key stakeholders are identified. This section sets the context for the entire project and provides a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished.

Next, the template includes a timeline or Gantt chart, which visually represents the project schedule. This chart displays the project’s various tasks, their start and end dates, dependencies, and the overall project duration. It allows project managers to easily track the progress of individual tasks and identify potential bottlenecks or delays.

A Project Roadmap should at least include the following:

  1. The Objectives of the project
  2. Highlights of the milestones
  3. A summary of deliverables and outcomes
  4. Possible risks and dependencies

A project road map mainly is a single view sheet or image of the path your project is taking. But sometimes it can also include some other narratives like:

 Problem Statement or Hypothesis

  1. Justification of project approach by using facts and insights
  2. Logic behind effective working of activities, together
  3. Resource management plan and a list of high level working individuals.


Creating a Project Roadmap:

To create a roadmap you will need the following components:

  1. Project overview
  2. Project risks
  3. Schedule overview
  4. Dependencies
  5. Resources
  6. Key individuals
  7. Kick off meeting
  8. Tasks and Assignments

4 steps of a project’s life cycle For Project Roadmap:

The life cycle of a project is a 4 staged process that is there to guide the project managers to run their projects smoothly from start to finish. It provides an easy-to-follow framework from the beginning to the end.

Initiation Stage: Understanding the goals, deadlines, risks and priorities of the project
Planning stage: Mapping the tasks onto a timeline that is required to execute a project on time
Execution stage: taking the project from planning to action phase and monitoring the performance of the project

Project Management Roadmap Template

Project Closure stage: Formal ending of the project, where we analyze the outcomes, document lessons learnt and plan the next steps for officially closing a project.

How is a Project Life cycle helping you:

A project life cycle helps manage, organize and plan your project so it will go smoothly from start to finish.

Following are the key points where a life cycle will affect:

  • Making the communication easier between the team and the stake holders
  • Ensure that within the available resources, achievable goals are established
    Lessen the risks and keep project on track
  • let’s study each stage in a little more detail:

Project Initiation Roadmap Stage:

In Project initiation planning, the project manager meets the clients and the stake holders to learn all about their
goals objectives and requirements of this project. There is a lot of research, discovery and discussion in this phase rather than any detailed planning.

Key steps in this stage are:

  1. Identify project objectives and deliverables
  2. Identifying the risks, dependencies and constraints and priorities
  3. Defining the project scope based on deadlines and available resources
  4. Submit a project proposal and wait for approval

Project Planning Roadmap Stage:

Once you have identified objectives, risks, defined the scope and the submitted proposal is approved you can move onto the planning part of the project life cycle. Just like project scope document template.

In this phase you create an extensive project plan which involves:

  1. Translating Proposal into doable actions and schedule them into a roadmap
  2. Document processes or work flows that team will follow
  3. Creating short term goals for high level goals
  4. Addressing issues that could sideline your schedule

Project Execution Roadmap Stage:

This is the Stage where actual work begins. In this stage the actual execution of the project starts, we start moving towards achieving milestones. In this stage we carry out the activities that are actually planned. This stage requires proper and constant monitoring. Goals and roadmap are expected to change as we get deeper into the project.

The Main responsibilities of project execution stage are:

  1. Monitor and control the work flow
  2. Adjust and update the goals, scope and the road map
  3. Communicate changes with the team and stake holders

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Project Closure Stage:

Once you have achieved all the goals and all the tasks are performed, you then close off the life cycle of the project:

During Closing of the project. You are expected to:

Finally, closure stage or ending project template. In this stage you must have reporting template for presenting ending result to stakeholders and project managers. You can generate project closure document or just report template in PDF, WORD and PPT format.


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