Here you can download (MARKET-BEST) project portfolio management template + Tools for project management documentation. With exciting features you won’t need any kind of recurring template or software. You got everything like “GANTT CHART” “TIMELINE TEMPLATE” ETC

  1. Is this only solution of project management?
  2. How many projects track through this template at a time?
  3. Is Gantt chart and project Timeline feature include in this product?
  4. How task management and resource management through this template?
  5. How can I generate report in XLSX AND PDF format?
  6. Can I generate reports in PPT slides?
  7. Check out program planning examples

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Systematic project management solution through this portfolio management system. All these projects might be different from one another but can be handled under a single roof known as a portfolio. With the help of this, all of the projects can be monitored and resources can be managed.

A Project Portfolio Management (PPM) template is a valuable tool that enables organizations to effectively manage and prioritize their projects. This template serves as a centralized repository where project managers and stakeholders can gather essential information about each project in the portfolio. It provides a structured framework to capture key details such as project objectives, timelines, resources, risks, and financial considerations.

The PPM template helps in streamlining project selection and decision-making processes. By having all project information in one place, stakeholders can compare and evaluate projects based on their alignment with strategic goals, resource availability, and potential return on investment. The template also facilitates a consistent approach to project governance, ensuring that projects adhere to defined standards and guidelines.

What Is A Project Portfolio Management Template? A Project Portfolio Define:

 In managing a project, portfolio management also includes the process of intake the projects which comprise of recognition of potential projects, acknowledging them, allocating all the responsibilities to project managers, and involving them in the project portfolio. Check out project execution plan template include in this bundle.

Advanced level monitoring and controls are essential to ensure that the projects are being executed according to the desired strategies.

Project portfolio management has a number of benefits like:

  1. It can create alignment between the projects and company aims
  2. It helps in resolving conflicts hence, provides a clear view to make decisions
  3. It helps in eliminating biases out of planning
  4. With the help of this, the project managers can reject projects that aren’t coherent with the business priorities
  5. It creates order and monitors the project management
  6. It portrays the big picture view

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

Why Is The Project Portfolio So Important?

How this Project Portfolio Management Template is beneficial for company? Which types of companies and business is using this type of template? Is only small and medium type business I using this template?

The Benefits of Project Portfolio for project Managers?

A project manager use this template for tracking multiple projects at a time. With variety of features a project manager can resolve any issue or risk with a project-specify timeframe without any delay.

The Benefits of Project Portfolio for Clients & Stakeholders

It’s also very important for explain an overview for clients and stakeholders. You can generate reports of any projects, which present further for any query.

Best Tools/ Templates for Project Portfolio Management

Mentioned below are the best tools in the market for project portfolio management:


It is a cloud-based tool that can be assessed by SaaS. It allows users to shift to digital product management.

Where they can handle the resources of an enterprise, deals with the changes in customer demands, and tolerate market disruptions. It follows stringent security-oriented protocols.

It has various key elements like road- mapping, portfolio management, and resource and demand management, budget management along application portfolio management. The dashboard and reporting tools of Clarity give detailed analysis and self-occurring functions. Users’ control is boosted by such features along with metrics based on project portfolio management and external data, a data storage in-app for transitional reporting. Clarity PPM enables its users to view a centralized system to create, handle, organize and analyze multiple portfolios.


PlainWare maintains portfolios and tasks of the projects. It is a SaaS-based suite. It merges schedules, expenses, resources, and future outcomes. The most prominent features owned by Plainsware are project portfolio visibility, business intelligence, management of projects, and strategic buckets. The last feature strategic bucket provides facilities like road mapping, preparing business proposals using scorecards, cost management by predicting financial forecasts and gathering ideas.

PlainsWare Enterprise PPM has clients from various industries including aerospace, automotive, chemical, energy, life sciences, defense, and more.

It supports critical functions such as planning resource capacity, document management, agile team cooperation, time tracking, and integration. This tool also has the facility for artificial intelligence, future estimations, parallel and in-memory processing, and also machine learning by chatbots.


This Project management tool is cloud-based that provides execution of tasks based on roles to align the responsibilities of all the members of the team.  The user in prioritizing, planning, managing, and performing the programs and portfolios. It involves various interactive forms and graphical workflows that make collaboration and communication very easy.

It offers solutions to the industries of various scales for instance health care which needs a real-time overview of the progress of the project. The fundamental features of this tool are integrated risk management, smooth enterprise reporting, teammates interactions for task status, optimized resources and views, and automate business procedures.


For a flourishing business, it is very useful to get a project portfolio management tool that can efficiently handle various projects.



One of the key features of PPM is the management of budget as the authentic budget predictions aid in assessing the project outcomes and establishing the project strategy. Whatever tool you are using, must allow you to track the entire project expense.

It provides the contrast of the actual budget against the planned budget that helps the project managers to determine the success of the project without causing cost overruns. This tool assists in calculating the total cost and revenue expense using cost and billing rates.


The Project Portfolio Management Template allows complete planning by providing a visible timeline for processing multiple projects. With the assistance of the Gantt chart timeline, projects can be differentiated very easily.

The template creates every bar depending upon the beginning and ending dates automatically. There are also columns available on the template to keep notes regarding budget, resources, schedule, issues, and risks for all the projects in the portfolio.


This template makes reporting simple by giving a roadmap of 12 months having summaries and details about the status of every project on board.

By using the colors red, yellow, and green, the portfolio status template determines the track of the tasks and predicts the potential risks if any.


The tools of PPM help in developing the project roadmaps that include the objectives of the project along with the due dates of all the projects.

By using this template, one can design realistic long-term roadmaps that help in managing a project successfully. This roadmap outlines the goals, vision, actions, perspectives, milestones, agenda, and more.


The tools you used for Project Portfolio Management Template must give comprehensive information regarding the projects and assist in observing various projects smoothly.

These tools allow the project managers to look for milestones and all the deliverables of the project, avoid risks, handle project issues and manage the scope of the project. The expectations of the stakeholders must be taken care of. Project portfolios can be re-evaluated by the users by keeping in view the market scenarios with filters to see customer satisfaction, decrease in cost, and market penetration.

Project Portfolio Management Template


It acts as a platform for monitoring and managing multiple projects. It is utilized to optimize and handle financial matters, goals, and strategies of the project.

The portfolio dashboard adjusts the priorities by evaluating the data carefully. It serves as a means of communication with the stakeholders and also modifies the plan for management if needed.

Risk Management Plan Management

Check out project management risk management plan template for more info.

Project Portfolio Management Vs Project Dashboard Vs Software: What’s The Difference?

Very handy document for any type of project management activates management like construction, IT, engineering and software solution.

There is no different between Project portfolio management & dashboard, both are same thing. Dashboard is using just of explaining broad things in a compile form.

On the other hand software solution is very expensive solution of this. Although you can get other various features like CHART, CLOUD BASED, KANBAAN VIEW. But this only depends on your project demand and nature. Try this if, you think isn’t enough for you than try other solution of your projects.

What Do You Think?

Finally, try this template (project portfolio management template excel), if you aren’t satisfy you can ask for fully refund within specify time-frame by For further query you can also contact PMPDOCUMENTS.COM project life-cycle template.

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