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Basic understanding about project life-cycle templates

In every field no matter what type or size a guide is always in demand to make sure things are well managed. The same is the case in project management it also has a guide for the processes which is called PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge).

The PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is a widely recognized guide that provides a comprehensive framework for project management. The 6th edition of the PMBOK, also known as PMBOK 6, is a significant update to the previous edition and offers valuable insights and practices for managing projects effectively.

One of the advantages of the PMBOK 6th edition is its increased focus on agile project management methodologies. It acknowledges the growing popularity and relevance of agile approaches in today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment. This edition incorporates agile principles and practices alongside traditional project management methods, allowing project managers to adapt their approach based on the project’s unique requirements.

It has all the important steps included which are needed during project management.  This is a very important tool used by the project professionals and gets great help from it.

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Here in this article, we will be discussing the main concept of PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge). We will also look into the changes that have been made in the recent 6th edition of PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge).

What is PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge)?

The PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) as the name suggest is a guide type helping book to aid the project managers in managing the projects effectively. It is the collection of processes, policies, and terms for the project manager to implement in ongoing projects.

This has been very supportive for the past many years and is the most popular guide in the field of project management. Most importantly the material and information delivered in it are standard, tested, and authenticated.

What is Include in PMBOK 6th Edition PDF?

There have been many changes made from edition 1 till 5th, the 6th edition was published in the year 2017. The PMBOK guide is very easy to access it is available in printed form as well as in digital form. The main 10 knowledge area introduced to cover different areas of the project are as follows:

  1. Integration Management
  2. Scope Management
  3. Schedule Management
  4. Cost Management
  5. Quality Management
  6. Resources Management
  7. Procurement Management
  8. Risk Management
  9. Communication Management
  10. Stakeholder Management

Variations in PMBOK 6th Edition

In the new edition of PMBOK 6th Edition, there is some alteration made to make it better. A new chapter in roles and responsibilities of project management has been introduced.

There also has been more emphasis on the use of aging project management methodology in the 6th publication. There are also some minor changes in chapters and concepts has been made according to the requirement of the new times. Furthermore, some changing in the name has also been made and some new processes have been added.

As the world is changing and with the advancements in the procedures there is a need to make some changes in the standards as well. The world is shifting towards the waterfall and an agile methodology which is why 6th edition of PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) has been introduced. To be at the top of his game a project manage must be aware of 10 Knowledge Areas, 5 Process Groups, and 49 Processes of PMBOK.

Comparison between PMBOK 5th VS 6th Edition

In the 5th edition the number of processes was 47 which has been increasing to 49 with the introduction of some new processes to make this more east for project managers. Moreover, every area of knowledge has addition of part of the agile process related to it.

Another significant addition in the 6th edition is the introduction of the talent triangle which is a new thing in PMBOK. The copy of the new edition of PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) is available in pdf and many other formats, get one which is more convenient and handier for you to use.

What is ITTO PMP 6th Edition?

For The Complete Guide to PMP ITTO you have to consult PMP professionals. This is advanced learning or understanding relates to a different areas of technology. Without understanding ITTO, your passing ratio is in doubt. The most difficult part of PMP exam.

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Q: How to Deal with ITTO Based Questions in the PMP Exam?

A: Through reading PDF or practice exam, you will able to pass out easily in PMP exam 2021.

Q: How do I get My PMP certification using this PMBOK 6th edition PDF?

A: This guide will help you regarding passing in the exam, make sure you read all 5th edition, and latest 7th editions also.


As we have seen that the Project Management Book of Knowledge guide is very important and helful in managing the project. Thus, if you are a project manager or someone handling the project make sure you have the lattes copy of PMBOK. And it is important for the project managers to have in-depth knowledge of the process given in this guide of standard procedures, so they can get benefit from it when needed.

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