Resource Capacity Planning Template

Looking for resource and capacity planner or tracker in excel template? Capacity planning is the act of matching available employee time with the hours needed to complete a project or program.

In this article, we will discuss about capacity scheduling and agile and sprint backlog capacity planner.

  1. For example HR KPI Dashboard Excel

Let’s discuss in detail how you can utilize resources in best method. using Project management Tools/Templates and especially portfolio dashboard management you can do that thing easily. Save your time and money with these resource capacity planning template.

The #1 Project Resource Capacity Tool: PMBOK 6th Edition & Project Portfolio Management Template

A Resource Capacity Planning Template is a tool used by organizations to manage and allocate their resources effectively. It is typically a structured document or spreadsheet that helps in determining the available resources, their utilization, and forecasting future resource needs.

By using a Resource Capacity Planning Template, organizations can optimize their resource allocation, identify bottlenecks, and ensure that projects are adequately staffed and resourced. It facilitates better decision-making, prevents resource shortages or overutilization, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

What is Resource Capacity Planning? Template Features & Importance

It is a plan that predicts the gap between the demand for resources and the capacity available. It gives a roadmap to manage this gap. In an organization, resources include assets, people, equipment, facilities, vehicles, and more. Capacity planning deals with the process of gathering all the data regarding resources from various sources into a single depository.

  1. Risk Management Template like Issue log for resource capacity planning

Moreover, it also consists of data about the competencies, skills, present and future tasks, resource requirement and recruitment; leave plans, and various activities.

This one resource capacity planning template having authentic information in real-time assists managers in opting right paths.

It can alarm you by giving a timely warning like excess utilization, shortage of resources, bench, revenue, project vacancies, margins, etc. Resource capacity needs a comprehensive understanding of the demands of all the tasks, resources capabilities and strategies, and realistic timelines. When executed in the right manner, it can result in success and many positive benefits for the organization.

What is Capacity Planning in project Management?

This department is organizing by production manager or supply chain department. In some company’s inventory management is a part of this. In this case, HR department can also help you regarding particular available resources of particular project.

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Professional services organizations, IT consultants, manufacturers, nonprofits, and many other businesses have — or should have — a major focus on capacity planning.

The Role of Resource Capacity Planning Template in Project management

Every project manager must fully attention of resource management, because it’s very necessary relates to project planning. Record of each team member with expense through this template easily.  It’s easy for cost management and stakeholder management planning. After resource allocation & requirement documentation, you can easily manage capacity planning.

  1. Stakeholder Management Planning

First of all in example template you must enter resource planner summary. Like (Select Resources, Select Tasks, Required Hours). In column “Task Description” you must mention each task with description with (Start Date – End Date), Month & required Hour. No of Resources (Resource A, Resource B, Resource C) further enter in related rows against each tasks.

  1. Program Planning Examples

Managers can take appropriate measures depending upon the current situation to fulfill the gap. When you are aware of any shortage before time then you have enough time to make compensation and avoid last moment firing or hiring and make sure that correct resources are present at right time.

Project Estimation Duties of Portfolio Managers Resource Data & Analysis
Portfolio Governance Project Management Maturity Data Granularity
Overall Lack of PM Tools/Template Project Budget Changes ORG Internal Affairs
Communication issues Project Scheduling Time-Frame Limit

Above in table, I enter some key tool or you can say strategies use in resource planning. Through Project estimation to portfolio governance @ Project management maturity assessment to project scheduling, you can manage easily. If any changes necessary in budget changes or collection of resource data or project analysis, you can use this template for manage all.

Resource Capacity Planning Excel (Template Features)

Looking for creating capacity planning template in excel? You can easily custom create template by just understanding checklist of capacity planning. But the question is what kind of EXCEL version, or tool you required for creating own requirement custom template.

  1. Complete budget plan skill and demand based of every employee or department
  2. Project, Skill and resources-based classification
  3. Resource capacity planning template is available in Excel (XLX sheet)

Furthermore, these templates are particularly the utilization and allocation for capacity planning. These all can check and monitor with different bandwidth of the workers to manage resources. If you want to manage and simplify all resources with a scheduled project – a template can be used.

Resource Capacity Planning Template

Usually, allocation, with the help of this format, is created for resources tracking. Companies also download these formats and use for their resources and planning for capacity planning.

How do I create a resource capacity plan in Excel?

Flowing are some basic guide to create resource capacity tracker in simple way.

  1. Download the Free Resource Plan Excel Template
  2. Go to the Data Sheet to enter the data
  3. Select data for Resource Name, Activity Fields
  4. Enter data for in Start Date, End Date Fields
  5. Also Enter Man Hours in Hours/Day Fields
  6. Now check the Report Tab to Plan your Resource

How do you measure capacity planning?

All planning resources and companies need this kind of tool especially “HR RECRUIMENT COMPANIES”. For measure or know the importance of demand in an organization, you must question with the progress of project with your project manager.

Some basics requirements and demand of this template or tool you can get through customer survey and form.

Demand Vs Supply of production

Capacity planners usually customize for the purpose to determine all availability of resources. It is also compared with demand and surplus to identify the capacity. So, this is easy to check all impact and modifications immediately.

Sometimes, different workforce strategy is used in unique projects. For instance, every HR of the company especially use these templates for the purpose to check. Besides, easy to check the monthly performance of a team or how much capacity needs t fulfilled.

Capacity and Demand Calculations

Usually, the managers who are working on long term projects – can evaluate the duration of the entire project capacity. If the companies want to create or compare the capacity with demands – can also use it. It can also use for industrial and company setup, simply you can say that it called no managerial or non-human resources.

Uses the Capacity Planner – Excel format

Easy to get these templates in excel format by clicking. This is pretty easy to use for all projects. Different columns are representing the names of workers. You can customize the names – add departments for more information related to employees. Another column is specific for a month work schedule and employees – efforts of every month.

  1. 0.7 means managers are using 70% of resources in a month
  2. 99.9 means workers are giving their best to the company and project
  3. The percentage is important – and capacity value should be percentage form not on weekdays

Usually, these project sheets keep all record of labor – maintaining the project. It also keeps saving all labor record. Step by step numbers/column listed with labor effort estimation. Add more information in the related department of resources management as per requirement and calculation. This is very helpful in all approval with all concern departments for resource agreement.

Types of Resource Capacity Planner Template Excel

If you are looking some typical template of capacity planner or example according to project and demand, then you have to select one of these templates for your project demand.

Agile Resource Capacity Planner

Capacity available Vs capacity demand-based Agile template is very helpful regarding managing backlog according to sprint items.


Scrum Capacity Planner Excel

Just like sprint of agile capacity, scrum planner is another best tool for agile developers regarding arranging of capacity and resources.

So the companies rely on these templates. These companies can make their planning projects. With all planning, this is very easy to make all resources and its planning of the projects in a company. Besides, these formats are useful and professional in use for business. Project managers are using these templates in different formats. Excel and word.



Here are some key categories under RCP.


First of all, you need to know what is team capacity planning template?

Create a sheet divide between different columns. One column you can enter Project task descriptions with related sub-tasks for example;

Main Task: Stakeholder Collaboration & Developing Plan

Min-Task 1: Stakeholder Analysis

Multi-Task 2: Templates/Software Use in

Sub-Task 3: Set Timing & Hire resource for this

In next column enter Particular person name with project or task starting and ending date. You can also create column for project or task duration and issue management and issue manager (Who to Inform?)

  • Human Resource Capacity Planning Template

Just like team capacity planner, HR capacity planner will create using same principle or format. You can enter the task description in COLUMN (A) and enter START-DATE & END-DATE in Column (B) & Column (C). Each resource against each tasks mention in next column of template. You can increase no of resources up-to 20 for each task.


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Below in tis sheet we mention PIVOT Table format for graphically presenting of that planning.

You just need to enter values in it according to your resources SUM. You can create pivot table for a year and weekly basis according to your requirement.

  • Material/ Equipment Resource Planning Template

While planning a project, you have to use a resource plan template to align your project schedule and budget. Its function is like a connective tissue that keeps them together and make sure that the team is getting the materials and equipment required to accomplish their tasks.

This document has to be referred to during the entire life cycle of the project and it is also crucial for procurement and to keep on schedule. The people who are dependent on resources like suppliers, employees, and vendors should have this document close to them.

This resource plan can be utilized by the managers as a tool for tracking the tasks and making certain it is on right track.


Looking for create custom RCP? although you have available “FREE TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD” by PMPDOCUMENTS. Because hasn’t a premium document , and I think you shouldn’t waste your time by creating this kind of document yourself.

  1. Describe the tasks, sub- tasks and their dependencies, start and termination date and duration.
  2. Make a list of resource needed for all the tasks.
  3. Determine the quality of all the resources needed for each task.
  4. Make a list of available capacity of all the resources.
  5. Mention beginning and ending dates along with resource engagement in the task.
  6. Evaluate if there is any overlapping of any resources in any tasks simultaneously.
  7. Keep a balance in resources by scheduling the dates and duration of tasks along with the quality of resources.
  8. Create a resource net charge.
  9. At last, update the resource capacity depending on the net change in the resource requirement plan.
  10. comprehensive strategic model

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